Women! aren’t you being exploited?

Photo courtesy http://www.joe.ie/

Pictures of these bikini clad women might be offensive for my readers in Pakistan, but even more offensive to me is the way these poor women are being treated.
Let me explain; these women were contesting in “Miss Snow Universe” competition. The picture is taken in Siberia, and they were made to take their cloths off in -21C temperature.
A mere mention of that -21C temperature made me shiver. I thought to myself, “are the organizers insane? Aren’t the girls participating in the competition equally insane?”
Isn’t it exploitation in the name of competition? 
And then I read renowned feminist, Zillah Eisenstein bashing Zero Dark Thirty as against feminism. She called it dark, zero-feminism,because ZDT tries to justify US war revenge through a pretty red-head white woman, obsessed with catching Osama Bin Laden.
I was wondering if Zillah or other feminists has something to write about girls being exposed to severe temperatures just for the fun of it?
I was wondering if anyone else also thinks that those bikini clad women were being exploited? 


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