How is media helping Imran Khan

Imran-Khan-PTIOn June 7, 2014, when Imran Khan had to address a congregation in Sialkot, a newspaper and its associated television channel carried this news

NA-118 ballot boxes tampered with: officials

According to details, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) had allegedly opened dozens of sealed ballot bags of NA-118 (Lahore) to tamper with the polled votes. Continue reading


Blockage of Afghan SIMs upsets Imran Khan

Imran and SIMSImran Khan is rifling through pages of a book as a visibly irritated Shireen Mazari enters the room.

“Khan g what are you reading?” She asks.

“I’m reading a book on Physics.” Imran Khan replies.

“Hey! Are you trying to make a bomb again?” Comes a horrified question.

“Oh no! I’m trying to learn something about economy,” Khan replies, “what’s the matter?” Continue reading

Ironic comparison between Obama and Nawaz Shareef

I was in cozy comfort of my sofa, reading Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices,” when news started rolling in… Pakistan launches military operation in North Waziristan, against terrorists hiding in sanctuaries near Afghan border.

Ironically, I was at chapter 7, Af-Pak: Surge; and an ironic comparison between Pakistan’s Premiere Nawaz Shareef and US President Barack Obama struck me.

When Barack Obama was a presidential candidate, he promised to bring back US troops from Iraq. Similarly, Nawaz Shareef promised to use negotiations instead of guns.

Continue reading