How is media helping Imran Khan

Imran-Khan-PTIOn June 7, 2014, when Imran Khan had to address a congregation in Sialkot, a newspaper and its associated television channel carried this news

NA-118 ballot boxes tampered with: officials

According to details, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) had allegedly opened dozens of sealed ballot bags of NA-118 (Lahore) to tamper with the polled votes. NA-118 (Lahore) is among the four constituencies that PTI has pointed out in the election rigging controversy. According to the news report, ballot boxes were at NADRA for thumbprint verification, when acting chairman NADRA, Imtiaz Tajwar, and other officials unsealed dozens of bags containing polled votes of NA-118, and filled them with bogus votes. Quoting unnamed sources, the paper said that CCTV cameras were switched off during that operation.

Point is, if NADRA officials had to fill bogus votes in dozens of bags, they were required to secretly call in thousands of people from NA-118, get their thumb impressions on bogus votes, and secretly transport them back.

With thousands of people involved, can such a fraud be kept secret?

An editorial staff discourages stories with such obvious loopholes. They could at least have confirmed if CCTV cameras were actually switched off.

But the story served its purpose. That very evening, Imran Khan quoted the same story in his address and bashed government officials for switching off CCTV cameras and filling bogus votes.

Similary, on 27th June 2014, before Imran Khan was to hold another congregation in Bahawalpur, same media outlet carried another story

Rigging charges: NADRA concedes ballot stuffing in NA-118 constituency

According to details, NADRA has finally conceded in its report that 259 out of the 325 polling bags of NA-118, Lahore contained bogus votes.

Question is, if papers’ earlier story is to be believed… if NADRA actually tampered with the votes, how come it has conceded its own mistake now.

Paper is quoting an official report by NADRA, where is it?

Why do such stories appear at the time of Imran’s congregations?

Is it a coincidence, or media is secretly helping Imran Khan on anti-government agenda?


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