Constipacy of American conspiracy

“Operation in North Waziristan is American conspiracy,” my friend was furious.

Taken aback, I asked for explanation.

He said, “America wants Pakistan army to remain occupied along Afghan border.”

“What purpose will it serve?” I scratched my head.

He declared, “America wants to pin China, and needs India to do that. Now, India’s army is deputed along border with Pakistan, and cannot be spared for China. That is why America is engaging Pakistan army to fight against its own people. Pak army is fighting on American dollars.” Continue reading


Media circus in Pakistan

Media channels in Pakistan strive hard for ratings. For their competitive advantage, they even become part of media campaign against other channels. Recently, a television channel was discussing government’s measures to bring prices down during the month of Ramadan.

A person from the ruling party PML-N, Mian Marghoob was invited to represent the government. Another participant of the show was one Ibrahim Mughal, whose relevance to the show is yet to be determined.

As Mian Marghoob tried to make some point, Ibrahim Mughal interrupted wrathfully. Marghoob tried to reason, but things got out of control, Continue reading