Media circus in Pakistan

Media channels in Pakistan strive hard for ratings. For their competitive advantage, they even become part of media campaign against other channels. Recently, a television channel was discussing government’s measures to bring prices down during the month of Ramadan.

A person from the ruling party PML-N, Mian Marghoob was invited to represent the government. Another participant of the show was one Ibrahim Mughal, whose relevance to the show is yet to be determined.

As Mian Marghoob tried to make some point, Ibrahim Mughal interrupted wrathfully. Marghoob tried to reason, but things got out of control, both of them stood up from their seats, and a third participant tried to intervene. Talk show’s host tried to calm them down but they did not listen. She kept on pleading them to be reasonable…

خدارا خاموش ہوجائیں، خدا کا واسطہ خاموش ہو جائیں۔ آپ دونوں اس وقت آن ائیر ہیں، خدا کا واسطہ اپنی سیٹوں پر بیٹھ جائیں

“For God’s sake please be quiet, for God’s sake, you both are on-air now, please take your seats” the poor host kept on repeating, but all in vain.

“You’re a useless man,” Marghoob told Mughal. “Oh you get lost,” came an equally vociferous reply. When all attempts of reasoning failed, talk show’s host had to take a commercial break.

Once back from the commercial break, things got even worse. Both of them started hurling expletives, abuses and profanities at each other.

“You interrupt again, and I’ll break your face,” said Mian Marghoob.

“Aaw! I’ll slap your face with my boots,” Ibrahim Mughal replied.

“You’re a dog, you’re a shameless person, don’t you have any manners?” Marghoob reacted.

“You’re a dog and a pig,” Mughal answered back.

Then both got up from their seats, and locked fingers to fight. And this all was shown LIVE.

As a Pakistani it made me think

  1. Why do we lack tolerance?
  2. Why do we end up using expletives?
  3. Why that television channel kept on airing such an objectionable content? And
  4. Where this all will lead?

I hope and wish; that Pakistani channels get mature, and get out of this rat-race for ratings.

p.s: you can watch video clip from the programme here


2 thoughts on “Media circus in Pakistan

  1. You may want to read this article about 1980 American talk shows that involved fighting and other breaches in civility: Carpignano, P., Andersen, R., Aronowitz, S., & Difazio, W. (1990) Chatter in the age of electronic reproduction: Talk television and the “public mind” Social Text, No. 25/26. (1990) 33-55.

    it authors make the argument that such breaches open up new and different public space,


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