Constipacy of American conspiracy

“Operation in North Waziristan is American conspiracy,” my friend was furious.

Taken aback, I asked for explanation.

He said, “America wants Pakistan army to remain occupied along Afghan border.”

“What purpose will it serve?” I scratched my head.

He declared, “America wants to pin China, and needs India to do that. Now, India’s army is deputed along border with Pakistan, and cannot be spared for China. That is why America is engaging Pakistan army to fight against its own people. Pak army is fighting on American dollars.”

“Why doesn’t America give that money to India, so that he hires more people to deal with China?” I asked.

“Aw! It’s not that simple. Americans think 50 years ahead of us,” he replied carelessly.

“So you’ve overcame Americans in their 50-years-ahead-thought?” I was impressed.

“There is something more to it,” he continued, “Haqqani group in North Waziristan attacks America inside Afghanistan. Now Pakistan is recruited to fight against Haqqani Network… this lunch is not free my friend! How long will we keep fighting against our own people for American money.”

“If America has a problem with Haqqanis, why doesn’t it spend the same money to improve surveillance on border?” I was perplexed.

“Remember! America also has to corner China, so Pakistan army needs to stay engaged. We should get out of America’s war, this is the only solution.” He announced his verdict.

“America’s war… these terrorists have killed 50 thousand Pakistanis, and you’re calling it America’s war,” this time I was furious.

“These terrorists are also American black water agents,” he told revealingly.

“WHAT! These terrorists are also American agents, and we are fighting American agents on American money?” my head started spinning.

“I have a proof!” his voice got loud, “If Mullah Fazlullah is not American agent, then what is he doing in Kunar? America is not handing him over to Pakistan, and Pakistan army is coupled in this conspiracy. Pakistan army does not want to fight terrorists; it only wants to fight with Haqqanis.”

“But Pakistan army has already fought against these terrorist-American-agents in Swat and South Waziristan.” I was at a loss.

“What kind of army is this, who doesn’t say anything against America when he kills its soldiers in Salala, but starts fighting its own people?” I did not know if it was an answer or a question.

“Look, you’re seeing only your version of reality,” I tried to reason, “yes, it is a fact that America killed Pakistani soldiers in Salala, but it is also a reality that terrorists killed 50 thousand Pakistanis, and we kept on negotiating with them.”

“But you always betrayed them in name of negotiations.” He snapped.

“Weren’t negotiations always sabotaged by terrorists,” I asked, “didn’t they always start talks to gain more time, and always attacked our country with more power. Then why do you blame us for betrayal?”

“That is what I have been trying to tell you. These terrorists are also American agents. Get out of America’s war; this can be the only way of survival for you.” He gave his judgment and walked away.

Ever since that discussion, I am in a fix. Terrorism in Pakistan is American conspiracy. Action against terrorism is also American conspiracy. Talking to terrorists is American conspiracy, and when these terrorists sabotage talks, it is also an American conspiracy. America pays hefty amount to Pakistan for operation against Haqqanis, but does not improve surveillance along border. Because, America wants Pakistan army to stay occupied inside country, so that Indian army can be spared to corner China. While conspiring, these Americans actually think 50 years ahead of today… I am thankful to my friend for bringing this conspiracy to light… otherwise I would have died in ignorance.



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