Kim Jong-un is in Pakistan, living in guise of Shireen Mazari

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has been missing.

No seriously, he has not appeared in public view since ages. And this has led to some very serious conspiracy theories.

International media is speculating that the leader has been deposed or indisposed. World is wondering, does Kim Jong-un still hold power?

Fuse Views has some very exclusive information in this regard.

The missing North Korean leader has been hiding in Pakistan. And more importantly, he has been living with leader of a political party, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI). PTI’s supreme leader, a cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan is staging sit-in to oust government (Pakistan’s government, not North-Korea’s).

In an exclusive interview to Fuse Views, Kim Jong-un tells that he came to take lessons from Imran Khan. “And why no one recognizes him?” To this question, Kim smiles sheepishly and says, he has been living in guise of one of the PTI leaders, Shireen Mazari.

Mazari and Kim Jong

And how are the lessons going? Kim Jong’s eyes brighten; he is learning “Introduction to basic democracy,” from Imran Khan, with additional lectures on “revolution” from Imran’s democratic brother Tahir ul Qadri.

He has learned how to start a sit-in, arrange daily visits to luxuries of home, and still call that a sit-in. Khan also teaches special tricks on fusing music with politics. Kim learned how to take solo decisions and still call that a democracy.

What made him come to Pakistan? Kim says he was sick of being a dictator. He liked Imran Khan’s model; where you meet a cleric politician in London, make a plan, come to your country, and start a movement to oust the elected government, yet everything is in premises of democracy.

Once graduating from Imran Khan’s academy, he wants to introduce same model in North Korea. Where differing voices will not be silenced – they will be labeled, where media will not be censored – it will be bought.

Kim is also learning to shout ‘Oye!’ a derogatory way of calling one’s opponents. So far he has learned to chant “Go Nawaz Go.”


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