Obama, Ebola, and Fazlullah

A shivering Obama came back to home and demanded: “Hey Michelle! Can you please bring thermometer. I want to see if I’m suffering from Ebola.”

Michelle was surprised. Does thermometer measure Ebola as well?

Obama said he was not sure. He just wanted to give it a try. While the temperature was being checked, Obama said he wanted to flee to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan! Michelle was aghast, but why?

Because Afghanistan was the only place that (kind of) defeated America. He was sure that Afghanistan would defeat Ebola too.

So Obama went to Afghanistan, and for safety purposes, disguised himself as a terrorist.

While roaming around a mountainous terrain in Afghanistan, disguised as a terrorist, Obama was approached by a bearded man in Turban.

“Are you an American?” man asked.

“No, I’m a terrorist,” replied Obama.

“So what’s the difference,” man chuckled, and asked would Obama like to meet terrorist leader from Pakistan, Mullah Fazlullah.

Off course he would love to meet a Pakistani terrorist with safe havens in Afghanistan.

So they went to a compound, where Fazlullah greeted them by chanting “death to America.”

Obama replied by chanting, “death to Ebola.”

The three men started hugging and laughing. All of a sudden, someone started throwing utensils at them.

“Stoop to the lows,” cried Fazlullah, “my wife doesn’t like the sound of terrorists laughing.”

Baffled by the onslaught, Obama said, “But I’m already stooped to the lows.”

As the hell was breaking loose, Obama asked, why no one was dialing nine eleven? They told him that phones in Afghanistan don’t have eleven.

They hid themselves in a hole; and angry wife threw heaps of rubble onto them. Obama was blinded; he asked Fazlullah, “isn’t it dark in here?”

Fazlullah said he didn’t know, he was unable to see anything.

A remorseful Obama started crying, “Me and my country have killed so many innocent Muslims, so I’m surely going to hell.”

“I also have killed so many innocent Muslims, but I ain’t going to hell,” says Fazlullah.

“But why, this isn’t fair,” implored Obama.

Fazlullah turned philosophical, puffed at a non-existent cigarette, and said, “It’s all in the words my dear. When America kills innocent Muslims, he calls it a war. And when I kill innocent Muslims, I call it PURPOSE.”


5 thoughts on “Obama, Ebola, and Fazlullah

  1. First thing you should do is to improve your vocabulary. It is not “safe heavens”. It is safe havens.

    Now be a good boy and post an apology and a correction on PKPolitics/Discuss


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