Pursing dreams and not worrying about money

He talks about dreams, and persuades you to pursue them.

Don’t we all love to hear that? Having dreams, going after them, and making a career out of it.

And then comes the dark side of it… the money part. Unfortunately, dreams do not pay your bills.

Well, here’s a guy named Mohammad Khan aka Momekh. He advises to follow dreams, and not think about money. This is what I gathered from his motivational lecture at Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore. To Momekh, making money should not be a goal. One shall chase happiness, and this is worth all the money. 

Yes, he actually tells you to convert your hobby into a profession, and not worry about money. It comes – eventually.

In fact, Momekh tells you not to even think about money. One shall focus on helping others. One shall solve problems, and it will ultimately turn into profit.

Is it that simple? Doubt creeps in. I try to find some hitch, and aha, there is one. Your dreams must have to be a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM. Only then you will be able to monetize them.

So if you have a dream, there is no harm following it. But to make money out of it, your dream must solve someone’s problem.

Happy dreaming.


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