Google Hostel

IMG00026Hey Google! What has happened to your IT business.

I mean seriously!

Some creative genius in Lahore, Pakistan, has thought of using IT giant’s name for this – a boys hostel.

And there is a special offer: in Google hostel, there will be a BBQ party every month. WOW!

The other free ‘facilities’ offered at the hostel are; good food, filtered water (they mean clean water), geyser, laundry, carpeted rooms and yes – FREE INTERNET.

Way to go Google hostel, best of luck.

A Moment in Time


Bicycle Again

It all started in year 2009. I was getting tired of riding a bicycle. At the age of 27, I had started feeling old and haggard. I seemed to lose interest in the exercise, or the wind in my face. The commutes between office and home started tiring me, making me think that the bicycle was limiting my freedom.

It also added to a psychological/cultural problem. In Pakistan, bicycle is considered a poor man’s transport. Though I did not believe in it, yet people could not understand why I was riding one. The social pressure also kept mounting, and one fine day, I bought a motorbike. Continue reading

The F committee

The government, in all its brilliance, has decided to tackle the fuel problem head-on. Yes, in an effort to rid nation of the fuel crisis, government has decided to constitute – a committee. This will be named an ‘F’ committee, and would make a National Fuel Plan (just like they made National Action Plan).

The committee will then make sub-committees, one of which will be looking into consumption patterns. That is, if anybody takes 50 liters of petrol, he will be reported. Continue reading

Charlie Hebdo! Please don’t publish these cartoons

Charlie Hebdo!

I am a Muslim, and when you were attacked, I was horrified. The killings were barbaric, and broke my heart.

Now you have depicted our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) again.

So what is it? A revenge? Or defiance?

I hope you know how much we Muslims love and respect our Prophet, and a majority of us have condemned this attack.

So don’t you think you shall not publish these cartoons again? Don’t you think your freedom of expression is hurting our feelings? Who has given you the right to insult our most sacred icon? Does freedom of expression also give you the right to insult? Don’t you think you should be drawing some lines, caring about cultural and religious sensitivities? When most beloved personality of Muslims is concerned, don’t you consider exercising some decency? How do you think this is justified? Do you care about our feelings at all?

When you claim to exercise your right to freedom of expression, do you also mean to insist on your right to be offensive?

Charlie Hebdo! We are sad on what happened to you, please don’t publish these cartoons.