A fuse title, and confuse tagline

The most read blog in universe – this is what I wanted my blog’s tagline to be.

But then an unfortunate thing struck me. They call it reality check.

When I was looking for a name for my blog, I wasn’t sure why on earth do I need to blog. I kept on asking myself, do I need to blog at all? And a voice inside me always answered, “Sure, that’s the only way to get rich and famous.”

And hence, I wanted something sophisticated as blog’s title and tagline. That voice inside me spoke again, “Who’re you kidding – and make sure to put an apostrophe between who and re.”

To know why I blog, click here.

I knew I was confused, and wanted that to be part of my blog name. But all the names containing confuse were taken (that indicates there are lots of people like me wandering in blogosphere – and man, it makes me feel so comfortable).

So a name Fuse Views was vacant, and I took it. And I knew you guys will take me non-seriously. That’s why the tagline orders you not to do so.



One thought on “A fuse title, and confuse tagline

  1. In these days, subsequent to CitizenFour’s redefining the world from the one in which we thought we lived to the one we now know we do, just remember they are watching and taking you (and the rest of us) very, very seriously. Think about other connotations the word ‘fuse’ has and perhaps reconsider your title and tagline. Ah, the joys of blogging 101.

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