I dream, so I blog

I’m a news clerk in Pakistan, but for the sake of self-respect (mine), I call myself a journalist. Being less of a doer, and more of a dreamer, I fantasize about making it big one day.

So, what’s my definition of “making it big one day?”

Answer: I seriously don’t know. Maybe something which rids me of the necessity to go to office everyday. I uncertainly believe, that writers (whether they write books or opinions) work from the comfort of their homes, and make huge sums of money. So I decided to be a writer, and hence came up with this blog.

And then came the hardest part – writing.

I came to know, that in order to keep this blog running, I needed to do ONE important thing – WRITE.

Q: What I’d like to do with my blog?

Answer: Well, I don’t like to do anything. Rather I’d like my blog to do something for me. Like, make me famous or rich or both.

Q: And how my blog is supposed to do that?

Answer: That I have not determined yet. And that’s why I’ve joined Blogging 101 – for you guys to figure something out.

Q: So why do I blog?

Answer: Because I dream.

By the way, have you guys noticed, there are a lots of I’s and ME’s in this piece.


10 thoughts on “I dream, so I blog

  1. I like how you unapologetically use “me” and “I” and poke fun at it. It’s not a bad thing to focus on yourself sometimes, though people often think it is. Also, you are totally right – writing is the best way to “be rich and famous”, if that’s what you want. 😀

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