Greatest blog post, ever

Editors at the New York Times, and Washington Post!

Haven’t you known yet; there is a terrific (don’t read terrible) opinion-piece-writer sulking around in Pakistan. Off course I’m talking about myself. I’ve been blogging since a year – yeah I know 17 posts in 365 days is way too infrequent – but still, you should have noticed the potential in me. NO?

You guys must know how difficult it is in Pakistan to avoid suicide bombers lurking around in the dark corners and still BLOG, and LAUGH (man! this is not insensitivity, this is bravery).

If pity doesn’t work, we are kind of used to getting our way through threats – so if editors at the New York Times and Washing Post don’t agree on commissioning me a blogging assignment – I’m going to read ALL my 17 blog posts to my two months old.

And this is serious. OKAY.


6 thoughts on “Greatest blog post, ever

  1. Omar, you’re funny! Many people have no idea how our sense of humor keeps us going in places where we come from. Keep laughing, and please do not torture your 2-month old baby. I’ll get you a job in Bangladesh if you be a nice to the baby 😉

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    • Thank you giffmacshane. Time surely are trying but I’ve exaggerated a bit. Pakistan has law and order problems, but suicide bombers are not lurking in EVERY nook and corner. And I hope we people of Pakistan will get rid of them


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