Stop dreaming, and start writing


No one, I mean NOT A SINGLE person has ever given me thisĀ powerful suggestion.

Well, I do get to hear the first part of it; a lot of people suggest I should STOP DREAMING. Most of them are my superiors at work. They wake me up during office hours and shout – the two words sentence – STOP DREAMING.

However, I have not stopped.

It all starts with three magic words – One day I’ll – and the dream begins. In most of my dreams I’m a terrific, and renowned, and accomplished BLOGGER. I so love it when I write ACCOMPLISHED. Then this sad thing kicks in, the thing we don’t like, but can’t ignore either. REALITY.

The be the kind of blogger I dream of, I need to, actually, BLOG.

I mean – approximately twenty blog posts in one year, three among them about dreaming – does not qualify as blogging. Does it?

So, someone must suggest me to WRITE. And must also tell me how to do it.