Just five steps to Success

Want to achieve something in life? It’s just five steps away.


91i7kpy20glRobin Sharma in his book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, advises to take five steps for accomplishing any objective.

First Step

Form a clear mental image of the outcome. It you want to lose weight, envision yourself as a lean and smart person. Clarity in image would result in substantial end result.

Step Two

Get some positive pressure on yourself. Robin Sharma says that the main reason people do not follow any resolutions they make is that they easily slip back into their old ways. So he recommends getting some positive pressure – a pressure that inspires you to remain on track – like making a public pledge etc. Off course, after making a public pledge, you wouldn’t like to appear as a failure.

Step Three

Attach a timeline to your goal. This timeline shall be precise and specific. Make a dream book. Fill it with your desires. Make your dream book your friend. Talk to it. Write specific and time bound goals in your dream book.

Step four is the Magic of 21

To achieve new goals, you definitely need to adopt new habits. Robin Sharma says that for a new behaviour to turn into a habit, one has to perform this new activity/behaviour for twenty-one days in a row. From twenty-second day, you would start doing it involuntarily.

Step five

Enjoy! Yes, relish the process. Smile. Laugh. Giggle. Don’t repent on what happened in the past. Don’t worry if you encounter a hurdle. Even a hurdle would teach you something valuable. So, don’t worry – one day you will definitely bag your objectives.

See, how easy it is to SUCCEED. One only has to take FIVE steps.


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