Did I earn $4500 at #PayoneerLahore forum?

I wanted to earn $4500 a day, so decided to attend Payoneer Forum at Lahore, Pakistan.

Yes, this was what Mr. Tanveer Hussain Nandla promised to tell at the forum – his topic was, Event Blogging, How I made $4500 a day.

Tempting, yes!

Believable, No!

Did he tell the trick, Not at all!

Mr. Nandla did tell how he managed to earn $7000… and spent the money on his marriage. What an eventful spending of plentiful dollars. Though he managed to explain something known as Google Adwords Keywords planner. I suppose it is used to plan weddings.

Concept of Event Blogging was new to me. It is niche blogging done on topics that are based on events. For example Eid, new year, football world-cup, etc. Blogger uses event related keywords to get hits.

Seth Godin’s purple cow also managed to make her way in the gathering… when Rehan Sheikh asked, “Are you a purple Freelancer?”

Mr. Sheikh wanted freelancers to stand out, to be remarkable, and to be exceptional.

If freelancers want to get picked, they need to be purple! And there are three steps for it…

First, they shall position themselves to attract attention. They shall mange to be different.

When customers get attracted, hook them. Offer them something for free in the start. Then offer them a moderately priced product. Only some of them will be buying your highly priced products – but you would have initiated selling. This was the second step.

Third step to be purple is interaction. Interact to Impress! Give your customer an experience that no one else can compete with. Astonish them in a positive way. Make their interaction with you a memorable one.

Then Ayesha Zaman of Top Writers told Art of Selling.

She assured the audience that every one of them has a demand – if they have something to sell.

And it is not always necessary to sell a product, one can sell a reason instead. Know ‘why’ you are selling what you are selling. Give a reason to people that they shall buy your product or services. Make something out of nothing, and sell it. Sell solutions to a problem. Here’s the tricky part, if you have a solution, create a problem for it. Tell people that you exist. Make them come to your profile or website. And then convert them to your customers. Keep them happy. Keep them loyal. Stay focused while doing so – you can’t be jack of all trades.

Usman Latif told that freelancers need to COMMUNICATE if they want to grow. A freelancer and a customer are on two different sides of an equation. It is the communication that relates them. For this to be effective, a freelancer and a customer do not only have to exchange information, they have to exchange meaning as well. If sharing of ideas and feelings was successful, communication was successful.

If you are selling services, your message is your skill. So when you are not getting desired results, change the method.

One thing all of the speakers told the audience – never be afraid of rejections. A rejection shall make you more wise and strong. A rejection shall teach you not to give up, and change the strategy instead.

At the end there was a draw to give an Ipad. I participate in draws, but never get hopeful. Even then, when the name of the winner was being announced, my heartbeat raised. Voice at the microphone said – the winner is… Omair – the heartbeat stopped. I tried to scream, that’s me! And then the voice repeated with complete name, Muhammad Omair.

As Muhammad Omair was receiving his Ipad, yours truly was cursing his parents for naming him Omair Mahmood.

To conclude, there were two more things that I learned at the forum.

One, PayPal and Payoneer are two VERY different things. You can have an idea how technically SOUND I was before the event.

Second, freelancers in Pakistan are actually earning up to FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS a month. Now every one of them must give me a share, or I’m going to sing to Tax Collectors!


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