Just five steps to Success

Want to achieve something in life? It’s just five steps away.


91i7kpy20glRobin Sharma in his book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, advises to take five steps for accomplishing any objective.

First Step

Form a clear mental image of the outcome. It you want to lose weight, envision yourself as a lean and smart person. Clarity in image would result in substantial end result.

Step Two

Get some positive pressure on yourself. Robin Sharma says that the main reason people do not follow any resolutions they make is that they easily slip back into their old ways. So he recommends getting some positive pressure – a pressure that inspires you to remain on track – like making a public pledge etc. Off course, after making a public pledge, you wouldn’t like to appear as a failure. Continue reading


Serious allegations on Ex-President of Pakistan

Truth Always PrevailsYear: 1983. It was 11.30 pm. Sadruddin Hashwani got a call.

“There is a chaos in disco!” GM of Marriott Hotel Karachi was on the other side, “We’ve had a fight between two men and their groups…guns and firing.”

Hashwani ordered GM to use guards and kick those fellows out. Later, it turned out that one of the men involved in fight was Asif Ali Zardari. The same man who later became husband of the Prime Minister, and eventually, President of Pakistan. Continue reading

Ironic comparison between Obama and Nawaz Shareef

I was in cozy comfort of my sofa, reading Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices,” when news started rolling in… Pakistan launches military operation in North Waziristan, against terrorists hiding in sanctuaries near Afghan border.

Ironically, I was at chapter 7, Af-Pak: Surge; and an ironic comparison between Pakistan’s Premiere Nawaz Shareef and US President Barack Obama struck me.

When Barack Obama was a presidential candidate, he promised to bring back US troops from Iraq. Similarly, Nawaz Shareef promised to use negotiations instead of guns.

Continue reading