How to know your life purpose?

Do you have any clue what you want to do with your life?

I’m one typically disoriented person who needs Google for finding his life purpose. Tell me if it’s ironic.

And one of those searches took me to a TEDx Talk by Adam Leipzig, titled “How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes.” And it was a ten minutes video.

After watching it, I ended up being more confused.

Instead of telling me my life purpose, Adam made me answer these five questions,

  1. Who you are?
  2. What do you do? Rather, what do you love to do?
  3. Who do you do it for?
  4. What do these people want or need?
  5. How do they change as a result of what you give them?

This sounds useful if you’re into some kind of a lifesaving, world-changing passion. But I had very boring (or different) answers to those questions. Continue reading


Did I earn $4500 at #PayoneerLahore forum?

I wanted to earn $4500 a day, so decided to attend Payoneer Forum at Lahore, Pakistan.

Yes, this was what Mr. Tanveer Hussain Nandla promised to tell at the forum – his topic was, Event Blogging, How I made $4500 a day.

Tempting, yes!

Believable, No!

Did he tell the trick, Not at all!

Mr. Nandla did tell how he managed to earn $7000… and spent the money on his marriage. What an eventful spending of plentiful dollars. Though he managed to explain something known as Google Adwords Keywords planner. I suppose it is used to plan weddings. Continue reading

Just five steps to Success

Want to achieve something in life? It’s just five steps away.


91i7kpy20glRobin Sharma in his book, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, advises to take five steps for accomplishing any objective.

First Step

Form a clear mental image of the outcome. It you want to lose weight, envision yourself as a lean and smart person. Clarity in image would result in substantial end result.

Step Two

Get some positive pressure on yourself. Robin Sharma says that the main reason people do not follow any resolutions they make is that they easily slip back into their old ways. So he recommends getting some positive pressure – a pressure that inspires you to remain on track – like making a public pledge etc. Off course, after making a public pledge, you wouldn’t like to appear as a failure. Continue reading

Pursing dreams and not worrying about money

He talks about dreams, and persuades you to pursue them.

Don’t we all love to hear that? Having dreams, going after them, and making a career out of it.

And then comes the dark side of it… the money part. Unfortunately, dreams do not pay your bills.

Well, here’s a guy named Mohammad Khan aka Momekh. He advises to follow dreams, and not think about money. This is what I gathered from his motivational lecture at Information Technology University (ITU), Lahore. To Momekh, making money should not be a goal. One shall chase happiness, and this is worth all the money.  Continue reading

Eleven questions employees should ask themselves

It is important to ask questions, and if you happen to be an employee, then must ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I satisfied with my job?
  2. Am I being paid adequately? OR
  3. Am I being paid my worth?
  4. Am I getting ahead in my job?
  5. Will I be climbing corporate ladder?
  6. Are my goals set clearly?
  7. Many of my fellow workers do not work as hard as me, do they make same amount of money as me?
  8. Am I being provided environment that nurtures productivity?
  9. Is my job secure?
  10. Is my organization interested in self-development of employees?
  11. Is my organization excelling, is it going any further?